Tracking My Girlfriend’s iPhone or Blackberry Has Never Been Easier!

If I wanted to know ‘how can I track my girlfriend’s iPhone or Blackberry’ I’d probably start off by looking online. The trouble is there are so many tracking apps out there that it’s nearly impossible to get to grips with what actually works and whether what they are charging represents good value for money.

For sure, there are a number of websites out there promoting so called ‘tracking apps’ or cell phone tracking software that is actually a complete rip-off. This is the worst end of the scale. You’ll end up with a download that either does not work at all or, even worse, may end up damaging the phone because the software contains malicious code. You do need to be careful where you go and make sure that you head for the reputable companies. There are many fly-by-night companies that hope to make a quick buck from an unsuspecting buyer who is desperate, for whatever reason, to track somebody’s phone – whether it be their wife, girlfriend or even an errant teen.

On the plus side, there are some reputable companies developing cell phone spyware or tracking apps that actually have decent products and will give you what you need – of course, this will come at a price. However, don’t be disheartened. The fact that they operate a clean house, use money back guarantees and have real contact details with real customer support means that you be getting a bona fide product with all of your statutory rights in tact. What you do need to look out for, as I mentioned above is those sites that promise the world where their offers seem too good to be true. And absolutely stay away from those that claim that you can track a cell phone for free. Unless they have access to sophisticated software and hardware the likes of the Feds are using to track people, then it ain’t gonna happen. This stuff is kept under wraps. The only way that members of the public can hope to use this kind of espionage equipment is by paying for what is essentially an app that can be loaded onto the target cell phone.  In this way, data can be transmitted to a secure place from where you can then track the phone through your (or any) computer.

So, how can I track my girlfriend’s iPhone or Blackberry?

Simply like stated above. You’ll need to purchase the software online. This software is then loaded to the phone that you want to track. You will also get access to a secure online server where you can login from anywhere in the world to retrieve the data that the phone is now sending out. This data, depending on what package you purchase, can include all text messages going to and from the cell phone, the logging of all calls, the ability to track the position of the phone using Google Maps via its GPS capability, all URLs visited online as well as seeing all photos sent to and from the phone and a whole host of other data.

Essentially it allows you to remotely spy on any modern, internet-ready smartphone, across most platforms including Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Android. Tracking a cell phone in this way is actually quite simple but there are a few things you need to understand in your quest to track your girlfriend’s iPhone, Blackberry or any other person’s phone.

1) Although it is perfectly legal to buy this kind of cell tracking software online, there are laws designed to prevent it’s misuse and these touch upon privacy laws and individual rights laws. Basically, you ought to check your own local laws before you attempt to use this software in any way that might infringe another person’s rights. I would suggest consulting an attorney. I doubt many Private Eyes that use this kind of tracking tool do that, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t!

2) As mentioned there is a cost. I’ve put a couple of links to what I consider the best value for money cell tracking tools at the bottom of this post. One is crazy cheap at around $50 and is actually a really powerful cell tracking software – it does all of what I’ve previously mentioned in terms of data gathering and more. Also, if you are worried that they are deleting texts immediately after receiving or sending them, then don’t worry, this one captures them all immediately and stores them for you to read. The other link is to incredibly powerful software that will do all of the above and, insanely, will also allow you to listen in to cell phone calls live from your girlfriend’s or whoever’s phone you are tracking. Of course, for this functionality, you will be paying a lot more (up to six times) but imagine the power of being able to listen to your girlfriend’s cell calls with somebody else (perhaps a suspected lover?). Again, this is by a reputable company with a squeaky clean online presence. It’s just gonna cost you more than the other one.

3) You will need access to the target phone in order to download the tracking program to it. This isn’t always easy especially with a girlfriend who keeps her phone close and locked. The best idea for now is to go to the sites linked at the bottom of the post and have a look around at compatibility with the cell phone that you want to track, price and functionality. Get to grips with what you will have to do to get this program installed. It’s literally a five or ten minute job (it’s just like installing an app) and there are always good instructions and screenshots given to help you. The beauty of these phone tracking apps, however, is that once installed, they are completely undetectable by the user. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile checking the installation instructions online before you attempt to do it so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently first time. You may only get a small window of opportunity, after all.

This is the best answer that I can give to your query about ‘how can I track my girlfriend’s iPhone or Blackberry’ and I have provided a couple of resources that will get you straight to the best value-for-money, most secure and best functioning cell phone tracking software programs available – so check out the links below!

Try Spybubble Here – Cheap But Powerful

Try Flexispy Here – Spy on LIVE Calls!

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