Is it possible to secretly track a cell phone? It sure is – but it’s not just as simple as buying the latest spyware online. Actually, once the cell phone spying program is loaded onto the target cell phone, your work is pretty much done. It’s getting it on there in working order that sometimes give people problems.

So - how to load a cell spy program onto a target phone?

Usually, you would use the phone’s internet to go to the download site and download the program. This is after you’ve paid and been given a download key that you will need to activate the download. It’s best to do this part first (the paying part) and not using the cell phone that you want to track, just in case there are any problems with payment. You need to minimise the time spent on the target phone, usually, because in many cases you might only have a tiny window in which to do it.

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So, go online – at any computer or using another phone. Sign up and pay the fee. You’ll get a download key for the software and the login details for the website that you can use later to track the cell phone’s activities. Once you’ve done this, then the tricky part might start.

You need to get hold of the target cell phone and have enough time on it, secretly, to get the job of installing done. So you know the download key, right? Go to the website where you bought the software using the phone’s internet connection and click download. It might be worthwhile pre-writing the basic instructions down so that when you get to this stage there are no hiccups. Depending on how you manage to get the software onto the phone – there may not be much time.

So it is possible to secretly track a cell phone, but the trickiest part is actually getting the software installed. After that it will be plain sailing as all you need to do is log into the website that is given to you with login details and password after sign-up. From here, you’ll be able to spy on text messages, listen to calls, see where the phone (and therefore the user is) by seeing it’s GPS location.

And once you’ve managed to secretly install the software it simply won’t be visible to the user. There is nothing showing in the menus or settings that will let anybody know that you are snooping on them. So, is it possible to secretly track a cell phone? Once you are over the installation phase, yes it is. That is the tricky part and you’ll need enough time to do it. Also make sure that you know the PIN or password if the phone menu is normally kept locked. You’ll need about five to ten minutes as long as you are aware of all the steps that you’ll need to take when you attempt it – so get these steps in your head right first.

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