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One of the first things people ask me when they want to know how to track a cell phone is whether doing so is legal. Right from the start, lets get that cleared up. Usually, there are two criteria to consider, one is whether you own the cell phone and the other is whether the person using the mobile phone knows that they are being monitored.

Cell Phone Tracking Methods

Let’s take, for example, the case where you might want to track the activities of a cell phone that your child is using. You most likely own that phone, or have paid for it. Secondly, monitoring your child’s well being through tracking their cell phone use is totally legal, even if thought of as morally objectionable in some quarters. The fact is, if your child is doing something questionable, you have the right to take any necessary steps to ensure their safety and that they stay on the straight and narrow.

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In the case of monitoring the activities of an employee on a cell phone, again, in most cases this is legal, provided that you, as business or company owner own the cell phone. More importantly in this case, you should make every effort to ensure that the employee knows that the phone may be monitored, getting them to sign a waiver, if necessary.

One of the most common reasons that somebody might want to know how to track a cell phone is when they suspect that their husband or wife may be cheating on them. In a case like this, the same criteria still apply. You should own the phone and the person being monitored ought to know that they might be monitored. Of course, in practical terms, this makes no sense if what you are trying to do is see who they are communicating with without their knowledge. And herein lies the problem. It’s probably illegal in many if not all states of the US and most European countries to track somebody’s cell phone. The fact is, the software needed to do it is out there and it is not illegal to buy it. Many thousands of people are using this kind of spyware for cell phones to catch out their partners in illicit relationships. Of course, just because many people are using does not make it legal so you really need to consult a law attorney to be sure.

What you must do to protect yourself is find out the law in your own region or consult the advice of an attorney. I am not a lawyer and the question of whether you go on to use this software is your own decision and in your hands.

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Having said all that, there is no reason why I cannot tell you how you can use such software for cell phone tracking and which I feel is the best for the job and where to get it.

Most people that want to know how to track a cell phone are probably going to use it for one of the reasons listed above. Necessarily, one of the features of the cell phone tracking software will need to be that it is undetectable. Most apps that are loaded onto a phone, by there very nature, show themselves in the menu, or will do something that let’s the user know that they are active such as bleeping or flashing icons on the screen. The good thing about the software that you will find by clicking the blue links in this post is that, once installed, it is completely undetectable.

Discover How To Track A Cell Phone Today

How To Track A Cell Phone and Cell Phone Tracking

You will have to have access to the target cell phone in order to install the software app in the first place, of course. This is sometimes the trickiest part, especially in the case of a cheating husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. If they are indeed engaging in an affair, they will most likely keep the phone very close and possibly locked with a password. As long as you can get hold of the phone, and can access the internet on it, you’ll be able to download the software in a matter of minutes. Even if they go off for a bath, this will probably be enough time to get the job done, although allowing yourself some extra time in case of hiccups will always be welcome. Generally, though, the software will download quickly and with no glitches.

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Another good thing about this software is that, being one of the most reputable spy software programs out there, it is available for almost any modern smartphone including Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Basically, if you can on the internet with the phone, you are good to go.

Of course, the software doesn’t come free, despite the claims of some websites out there that may well contain malicious code or viruses. Don’t be fooled by sites saying things like “How to track a cell phone for free” or other such nonsense. It simply doesn’t exist, and these sites, if not containing malicious software, at best are simply after the traffic that such claims will attract and any ad clicks that they can get. Having searched high and low and tested all of the various spyware programs out there, I can safely point you in the direction of the best value for money cell phone tracking software. At a mere $50, the software you’ll find by clicking the links in this post is easily the market leader for such products. Here is what the spyware will do at such a snip of a price:

How To Track A Cell Phone Allows You…..

Allows you to track the location of the target mobile phone via Google maps whenever it is on.
Allows you to view all SMS text messages sent from and to the target phone.
Allows you to view all calls made to and from the phone, giving number called or calling and call duration.
Allows you to view all emails sent to and from the user via the phone.
Allows you to view all of the contacts in the phone’s address book and associated names.
Allows you to view all URLs visited using the phone.
Allows you to view all Photos or Images sent and received by the phone.

As you can see from the above, this is the best cell phone tracking software and cell phone locator, and all for the measly price of $50. Imagine the costs associated with hiring a private eye to do the same job. You’d be paying $50 an hour at least and you can bet that the hours would build up significantly.

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When you sign up for the software and have it installed, you also get the login and password for your secure online server space where you can log into and view all of the above activities as they take place on the cell phone. This really is a secret window on the world of that phone that is completely undetectable. You’ll have all of the evidence that need and will undoubtedly find out the truth of what the person is getting up to putting your mind at rest once and for all and allowing you to take the remedial action that you need to take.

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One last thing, if you end up buying the software, there are a number of ways that you can pay discretely including by Paypal, Credit Card, Pay by Check, Pay by Mail and pay by bank transfer. The company uses a reputable online payment processor and the process is quick, discrete and efficient. And if you are not completely satisfied with how the software is working you can request a full, no-questions-asked refund within 60 days, so really there is nothing to lose here.

I hope that the information given here about how to track a cell phone has been useful to you.

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